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Kickboxing Workout


It looks like I’ll be fighting for the Vermont Muay Thai Association’s 145lb Title this April!  Admittedly, I’ve been sticking primarily to USA boxing for the past few months to prepare for the 2014 Golden Gloves tournament, but now I’ve got a wonderful excuse to start drilling kickboxing techniques again.  Endurance is an essential element in these fights, and this week I’m starting to get my Thai Boxing endurance up to snuff.  Here’s what I’m up to in the gym today:

Warm up: Jump Rope / 3 Rounds / 3 Minute Round

Bag Work: Clinch Knees, Round Kicks (Each Leg), Teeps (Each Leg), Punches (No Elbows) / 1 Round for each technique / 3 Minute Round

Strength: Pushups, Situps, Bicycle Crunches, Prone Iso-Plank, Side Plank (Each Side), Squats / 1 Round Each / 1 Minute Round

With stretching and breaks this works out to about an hour, and will help develop a good baseline to build on once we start doing high intensity pad work, sparring, and plyometrics.  Expect some video of Thai Boxing workouts soon!

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