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This headache is my fault

I had a headache for a lot of today, and it was no fun. It was also my fault. Here’s the recipe that created today’s headache:

Headache1. I had one and a half 7.6% beers last night. I wasn’t drunk, but it definitely dehydrated me.
2.I haven’t been exercising much lately, which contributes to muscle tension in my neck.
3. I had a big cup of coffee this morning, no water, and didn’t get around to eating breakfast until after my mid-afternoon class because of some unexpected craziness at work.
4. I allowed the work situation to get to me, and I was stressed out and added to my tension.

This all equals a nasty headache, and a miserable day at work.

I used to take a lot of sick days from work.  My validation was that I had a lot of health problems, and I went to a lot of doctor’s appointments trying to get better. Eventually, I was always sick. Then, in my perpetual sick-on-the-couch Netflix binge, I saw a documentary about the healing power of food. I went to see a friend of a friend who was a raw food nutritionist. I started eating green smoothies, and pretty much nothing else. I got better, fast. I eat a lot of foods other than green smoothies now, but the #1 lesson I learned from this chapter of my life is that my health is my responsibility, not and external factor I live at the whim of.

So today, when I got a headache, I did not say “I feel awful, I need to take an ibuprofen and go home and rest. ”  I drank a bunch of water, did some stretches, reminded myself to breathe deep, and powered through it; because it was my fault I had a headache, and it was my responsibility to fix it. It kind of sucks not having the excuse of poor health to retreat back to my cozy introvert bed cave, but I like myself more for the change, and my career is certainly fairing better for it too. I’m not saying you can prevent every illness. I am saying you can prevent most, and I am saying you need to put the puzzle pieces together about what led to you feeling not so hot, so you can do better next time.

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