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I don’t drink milk, do I get enough calcium?


My usual breakfast, oatmeal with chia seeds, a veritable feast of calcium!

That’s the question I posed to myself today. I don’t drink milk, and except the occasional yogurt and very occasional cheesy something, I have almost no dairy in my diet. You can find all sorts of non-milk commodities enriched with calcium, but I believe you should get your nutrients from their source, in a whole food form whenever possible, so no calcium enriched orange juice or even those delicious caramels the nice lady at Planned Parenthood recommended a few years ago at my check-up. So where do I get my calcium?

The topic of calcium has been coming up a lot lately, and I got curious. I mostly live by the “if I eat vegetables of all colors and generally get enough healthy, reasonable food, I’ll get all my nutrients” philosophy, but today I sat down and did some math! The USDA recommends I get three servings a day from the dairy group, and the reason why is calcium. One cup of 2% milk has 29% of my Recommended Daily Allowance of calcium. I took an inventory of my diet, and added up everything with a significant (more than 1% RDA) amount of calcium that I eat in the course of a normal day.

2 cups greens – 4% ( I used arugula as an example, spinach has more!)
100g almonds- 22%
1 cup oatmeal- 2%
100g white beans- 7%
1 cup broccoli- 3%
50g of sesame seeds- 2%
100g of chia seeds- 18%
1/2 cup tempeh- 18%
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar- 2% (yes, I drink that much in my water everyday, I might have a problem, but at least it’s not cola)
1 cup brussel sprouts- 4%
1 orange- 7%
1 cup brown rice- 2%
100g walnuts- 3%

For those of you following along at home, that’s 93%! Pretty good for a shot in the dark, if I do say so myself. So the answer to today’s question is yes, yes I do get enough calcium without drinking milk- do you?

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