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A Brief Introduction to Tai Chi as an Exercise Practice

As you can probably tell from the pictures on this blog, I’m a big proponent of practicing Tai Chi.  In my experience, the slow, fluid, and circular movements of Tai Chi can be adapted to benefit a wide range of individuals regardless of age, sex, and exercise experience.  However, the esoteric and mystical connotations associated with the art can often keep people from reaping the benefits of cultivating a Tai Chi practice.  I think this article from Harvard Health publications is a great introduction to the health benefits of Tai Chi, and certainly worth a read.  I have personally been practicing the Yang family style for almost a decade, but as the article points out, “[t]he name is less important than finding an approach that matches your interests and needs”.  I suspect that as Tai Chi increases in popularity, the list of associated health benefits will continue to expand as more researchers observe the long term effects of this practice.  But check it out and make up your own mind!



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