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I will not buy new pants: getting back on track after the holidays

In the span of three months, I got my dream job (which was admittedly slightly over my head experience wise), my husband got laid off, and then we got married three days before Christmas. By the time the wedding countdown was at two weeks, Scott had been laid off and my motto was “whatever, f*ck it, it’s going to be great.” Even though our wedding was small, it was still a lot of pieces to put into place. I didn’t leave myself time to cook and I excused myself from a lot of my normal diet guidelines in the name of stress management. I think I stayed pretty calm throughout the process, but by the time I left for my honeymoon just after New Years Day I weighed the most I ever have (138lb). Don’t get me wrong, I felt incredibly beautiful on my wedding day, loved hanging in my bikini on my honeymoon, and I wouldn’t change a thing about how I proceeded in those weeks, but now that the festivities are over, I’ve been working on a goal: get (comfortably) back into my favorite jeans.

not quite there yet, but I'm back on track

not quite there yet, but I’m back on track

I’ve used these jeans for years as an indicator of when my diet or exercise level have swung too far from where I’d like either to be. It’s not about beating myself up, it’s not about feeling bad about my body if I can’t fit into them, it’s just a system of accountability I use to stay on track. Scott and I have been eating a diet of warm and hearty macrobiotic dishes since our honeymoon, and I’ve been more mindful of my sweets. I wore my favorite jeans yesterday, they pinched quite a bit at the waist band though, and the zipper doesn’t want to stay zipped; we’re not quite there yet, my jeans and me. It’s not about a number, it’s not even about the way I look, it’s about being accountable to a standard I set for myself. Also, I really don’t want to buy new pants. Do you have mechanisms you use to let you know you’re on the way to straying too far from your fitness goals? What are they? Do they  work for you?

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