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I am not in charge here?! The power of affirmations and visualization

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Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the feeling that I am not in charge here?! I don’t mean at work, or at home, or in my relationships. I mean with myself- there is a somebody else keeping me awake at night with anxious thoughts, somebody else telling me I want to eat a cookie I know I won’t feel good if I eat, somebody else who is sneakily undermining my efforts toward my dreams.

Last night Scott and I watched Hungry For Change and while the cast of experts was hit and miss (some I really trust, some I am not so sure about) I was struck while one of them was talking about visualization and using images as a language to communicate with your subconscious. “That’s who it is!” I exclaimed to Scott. “That’s who the someone else in charge is, my subconscious!” I think of myself as a reasonably bright gal, so I’m a little sheepish to admit this only just occurred to me, but despite the late realization it’s not the first time I’ve used the tactic.

A few years ago I made these little pin-up affirmations for myself with affirmations from the book Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, MD and put them up on my mirror, my fridge, my desk and repeated them to myself often. In the next few months I was able to move past many stumbling blocks in my life that I had struggled with for a long time, and I believe the affirmations were a big part of getting my subconscious on board with the plan. It’s not magic, it’s not some “new-age hooey”, it’s a very practical approach to reprogramming the subconscious messages that guide our behavior. Affirmations and visualization are just another variable of “fake it ’til you make it.” Below are those pin-up affirmations I made for myself. Obviously none of the photos are mine, and I don’t plan on selling a calendar of them for that reason, but I hope you might find one or two that resonate with you, and maybe you’ll print them out and put them up where you will see them and soak them up.

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