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Strengthen your weaknesses now so you have more options later

Yesterday I received a pretty stern talking to from my physical therapist. Sunday morning I woke up and my wrist was locked up. This has happened to me my whole life. I usually just manually manipulate it into popping and then I can move it again, but until I do it’s extremely painful. On Sunday, it would not pop back into place.
I have a vague memory of being very small, and having a doctor tell me I have “loosey-goosey disease” and being given a wrist brace which I never wore. I didn’t understand until yesterday, exactly understand what that meant. I am hypermobile, which is why my joints are too loose and allow this crazy business of bones floating into the wrong places in my wrist to happen. What I didn’t know until yesterday is that this is a huge reason why I hate exercising- it feels weird when you aren’t getting the feedback of stuff rubbing together to tell you what is going on in your joints. I also didn’t know until yesterday that to hold my body together instead, I’m going to need to start a serious strength training regimen. If I don’t, in the words of my PT on my career as a chef; “I think the work you’re doing is really important, and you aren’t going to be able to keep doing it if you don’t start taking strength training seriously. This doesn’t need to be the beginning of the end, but it does need to be the beginning of the beginning.”
I feel lucky that this was brought to my attention now, not ten years from now. This is a reminder to me, and to you, to take care of yourself earlier rather than later so your options will remain open as you age gracefully, unlike Louis C.K.

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