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Tools of Success Vs Internal Agents of Defeat


Please note the Karate Kid on our fridge

I think this explanation of what helps form a good habit is excellent. There are many tools and tricks to help make forming good habits successful, and I tool I have found I MUST use is written reminders in places I will see them when I am pondering the problem encompassed by the goal. To the right is an example.
Goal: To eat the food we have in the house
Internal Agent of Defeat: “but we don’t have anything quick and I’m hungry now.”
Tool of Success: List on the fridge of all the quick to prepare (to me this means 15 minutes or less) foods we currently have

The Tool of Success disarms the Internal Agent of Defeat and makes her look silly before she can even finish stating her case.  I think there are simple Tools of Success for most arguments the Internal Agent of Defeat can make. What Tools of Success do you use? What is your Internal Agent of Defeat telling you?

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