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The Many Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

As winter drags on, so to does my constant need for warm beverages. Hibiscus tea is one of my favorites for many reasons, #1 being it tastes fruity and sweet without any sugars. Hibiscus has been a folk remedy in many cultures for numerous ailments, and a flurry of recent research is beginning to support those claims, such as:

  • Lowering blood pressure (Iran)*Hibiscus Tea
  • Supporting upper respiratory health (North Africa)*
  • Promote good circulation (Europe)*
  • Relieve constipation (Europe)*
  • Maintain a comfortable body temperature (Egypt and Sudan)*

In addition to these benefits hibiscus is very high in vitamin c, which has many health benefits of its own.
It is delicious hot this time of year, or iced in the summer!

(A quick note before you go chugging gallons of hibiscus- if you’re pregnant hibiscus is not considered safe as it may promote menstruation potentially causing a miscarriage.)

In addition to being a delicious tea for humans, hibiscus is a favorite food of tortoises!

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