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Just Dandy- A tasty coffee alternative with many health benefits


I began to give up caffeine a few months ago due to the resulting tension headaches I was getting. I’ve slowly transitioned to all decaf, my headaches are gone, and I feel that my energy level is more stable throughout the day. Recently I switched from decaf to Dandy Blend instant beverage.* It’s a coffee replacement made from dandelion root, beet root, barley, rye, chicory and burdock root. It can be dissolved instantly in hot or cold water, making it ideal for an iced beverage (once it’s warm enough here to enjoy those again!) as well as a hot one. It doesn’t taste exactly like coffee, so if that’s what you’re looking for, stick to decaf coffee, but it has a similar taste, and is delicious with your favorite milk (almond, cow, coconut, whatever!). I add a little bit of maple syrup to mine for extra sweetness. Here are some of the benefits of the herbs in Dandy Blend:

Dandelion is loaded with trace minerals and potassium, iron and calcium. Dandelion is reputed historically to be an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier, and one of the best diuretics, complete with its own potassium source. It is reported also to regulate the gastrointestinal system, and is a good cure for anemia and acne. It also has the reputation for lowering serum cholesterol and blood pressure, eliminating gas and acid indigestion, aiding in weight loss,and counteracting certain cancerous tumors.

Roasted Chicory promotes healthy digestion. It is food for the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and is reported to increase both digestion and nutrient absorption into the blood stream. Chicory also is rich in potassium, provides support to the immune system and promotes synthesis of B vitamins.

Roasted beetroot detoxifies and builds blood. It also renews old blood with minerals and natural sugars. Beetroot contains betaine, which stimulates liver cells and protects the liver and bile ducts. It also is reputed to build red corpuscles and add tone to the blood. It is rich in phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A and C and other nutrients. Beetroot also has a significant tumor-inhibiting effect. According to an article in the Feb 27 1996 issue of Cancer Letters. “The combined findings suggest that beetroot ingestion can be one of the useful means for preventing cancer.”

Barley and rye are very nutritious grains and a rich source of protein and B complex vitamins. Barley is good for urinary tract disorders as well, and is very useful in fevers and all inflammatory conditions because of its soothing properties. It helps heal the digestive system and digest starchy foods, and is also good for treating urinary disorders like nephritis and cystitis. Possibly most important, because the ingredient is the water soluble extracts free from gluten, and not the whole grains of barley and rye, those who normally couldn’t benefit from the nutrients in barley and rye can by drinking Dandy Blend.
(From the Dandy Blend website)

Coffee, decaf or not, is very acidic and can block absorption of a number of key minerals, so I am very excited to be trading it in for the health benefits of the herbs in my new morning drink of choice!

* I am not compensated in anyway for this recommendation, I just love the product!

2 comments on “Just Dandy- A tasty coffee alternative with many health benefits

  1. Athena Rork
    March 8, 2014

    Where can you find it and about how much is it? I’m about to lose access to free espresso all day!

    • Chef Jill
      March 8, 2014

      I bought mine on Amazon!

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