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Forecast: Cold Anticipating Warm – Creating Your Own Spring in a Cold Climate

houseThursday marked the Spring Equinox, and the transition from winter to spring. At my house, we’re an hour from the Canadian border, and as you can see, it looks very little like spring here. Health and wellness is in large part psychological, and so I decided to dedicate Friday (my day off) to creating spring for myself, despite the many feet of snow.  Here’s a quick list of how I made it feel like spring at my house:

  1. I traded the dark, heavy curtains in my bedroom for lighter, more transparent ones. The extra light helps me appreciate the growing number of daytime hours, and makes my bedroom feel less like a cave for hibernating.
  2. Similarly, I traded our heavy fleece sheets for sleek cotton ones. We have just as many blankets on the bed, but the change in texture feels fresh and hints at the coming change when we can shed a few of these blankets.
  3. I deep cleaned our floors and baseboards, giving the house a fresh and clean feeling that leaves me sighing with happy relief.
  4. I stripped the couch and washed the cover, and replaced it with a fun patterned cover that’s easier to launder a lot in the coming weeks as Cecil sheds his winter coat.
  5. Scott and I have started doing some prep work for projects we’ll tackle this spring and summer; saving egg cartons for starting garden seeds indoors, and cleaning out our back room to make way for renovations that we plan to start once it gets warmer.  It’s not time to really get going on those projects, but it’s exciting to get started, and doesn’t hurt to get a head start.
  6. Planning spring and summer trips; planning travel makes you realize how few weeks there really are left of winter, and how quickly it will zip by.
  7. Looking for the local signs of spring; people maple sugaring, birds returning, the sun returning, and the cold breeze feeling like it has a warm one coming behind it, instead of endless cold.

I hope this list helps you feel more hopeful and excited for spring, especially if you live in a very cold climate like I do. Do you have spring rituals that help you recognize the shift- share them in the comments bellow.

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