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Dynamic Health Packages

Learning something newContact us if you’re interested in booking one of these, or just have some questions before you decide.
Level 1- Ready to make a change*:
This package is great for someone who knows they are ready to move in a healthier direction, but isn’t sure how to get started.
It includes: One hour consultation with Scott and Jill regarding your health goals, from which we will generate  a 2 month fitness and nutrition plan especially designed to help you make active, sustainable progress toward your goals, with  2 months email support. -$150

Level 2- Walk the Walk: This package is great for hands on learners, who need more than just a paper plan to make their goals a reality.
It includes: All of Level 1 plus 1 hour instructional exercise personal training session and 1 hour meal planning and guided grocery shopping session -$250

Level 3-  Integrating your fitness goals into your everyday life: This package empowers you to make healthy living part of your every day routine, with the tools you have now.
It includes: everything in Levels 1 & 2,  with the instructional exercise personal training session based in your Scott_Kirby_Stretching_2home with a full assessment of how best to reach your fitness goals there, as well as a one hour cooking lesson in your own kitchen.  -$325

All packages can be shared with a  friend/partner/spouse for the following rates:
Level 1: $185
Level 2: $325
Level 3: $350 (customized for only one household, great for couples!)

Martial Arts Packages

Working Up the Courage: This package is for people who are interested in trying martial arts classes, but want training with heavybagsome basic skills and improvement to their overall health before they dive in.
It includes: A one hour exercise + nutrition consultation with Scott and Jill to help you move toward being comfortable in a more active body, one month email support to help you realize that plan, and  3 private kickboxing intro classes.  -$250

Getting Ready for the Ring*: This package is for fighters who are working toward an upcoming match who want to be at their best on fight night.
It includes: A personal nutrition/ exercise plan for the 6 weeks leading to the fight + email support for that time period. $50

*Can be done remotely, we’d love to Skype/telephone/email/Facetime with you!

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